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A Lullaby

This song is by Charlotte Church and appears on the album Voice of an Angel (1998).

I'll set you a swing in a purple bell
of the Lady finger,
Where brown bees linger
And loiter long
I'll set you a swing in a fairy dell,
To the silv'ry ring
of a fairy song.

I'll put you afloat in a boat of pearl
On a moonlit sea,
Where your path shall be
Of silver and blue
To fairyland children, sweet girl,
To its rod-strewn strand bathed in glist'ning dew
Bathed in glist'ning dew.
I'll make you a nest, a soft, warm nest,
In my heart's core,
Alanniv ashore
When day is gone,
Where costly curled on mother's breast
My Share o' the world
You'll rest till dawn

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