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Desperate Times

This song is by Charlie Robison and appears on the album Bandera (1996) and on the album Step Right Up (2001).

Jackie went to high school in a little Texas town
He finished up and spent the most of next year bummin' 'round
He couldn't find a job to hold, so on a Friday night
He figured he could see the world and buy a 4-wheel drive
If he'd join the army, 'cause these are desperate times

Well, he came back four years later, a little higher off the ground
Things there hadn't changed, and that just really got him down
So he went off to San Antone, an hour to the east
And got a job workin' for the San Antone police
Well, he had a pistol now, 'cause these are desperate times

Well, Jackie, he got married, but his ends they wouldn't meet
His wife worked at the Texas Commerce Bank just up the street
Well, Jackie got an idea to get him outta debt
And they could live the good life and drive a new Corvette
If he'd rob the bank, he said, 'cause these are desperate times

Well, he had planned the whole thing, and while his baby worked
He came in after hours in a black ski mask and shirt
She told him where the money was, and that's just where he went
The minute that he saw it, he already had it spent
Well, it wasn't easy, but these are desperate times

Well, he drove off to Bandera, 'cause that was his hometown
He had it in his mind just where he'd lay that money down
He went out to his mom's house, and Jack went up the hill
To bury that old suitcase full of hundred dollar bills
Well, he'd let it sit a while, 'cause these are desperate times

Well, the bank, they called the G-men, 'cause they were insured by the Fed
And Jill, she rolled on Jack, 'cause she was in above her head
The G-men gave Jack wind of this when they made his arrest
And he asked her why she turned on the one that she loved best
Well, it wasn't easy, Jack, but these are desperate times

Yeah, ain't that what she always said
These are desperate times


Written by:

Charlie Robison

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