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Something to Brag About

This song is by Charlie Louvin and Melba Montgomery and appears on the album Something To Brag About (1971).

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Something to Brag About
I've got a real important job in a large office building
Ridin' people in an elevator
I drive a '57 Chevrolet with busted tail lights
Burnt out valves and leaky radiator
I wear a twenty dollar suit I bought from JC Penny's back in '62
But I've got something to brag about something to brag about
Yes something to brag about in you

I'm a short order cook at an all night cafe
Down on 18th Avenue and 12th Street
I wear a swinging mini dress that I made for myself
From mama's kitchen curtains and old bed sheets
I've got seventeen pages of top value stamps and one old pair of shoes
But I've got something to brag about, something to brag about
Something to brag about in you

When you're with the fellas I know you start to bragging
Bout my hour glass figure and my big brown eyes
You tell your girlfriends bout my good, good lovin'
And that's one pleasure that money can't buy

Let's get married in the not too distant future
We'll rent a little flat on 29th Street
You know we'll hang our washing on a clothesline from the window
We'll feast on cornbread butter beans and lunchmeat
We won't have a thermostat or a big long Cadillac
But we'll have a love that's true
And I'll have something to brag about I'll have something to brag about
Something to brag about in you

Written by:

Bobby Braddock Wikipedia16

Produced by:

George Richey Wikipedia16

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