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Fireside Dreaming

This song is by Charlie Landsborough and appears on the album Songs From The Heart (1992).

When evening falls its gentle way
When day light closes,
Tired eyes and slips away
When fire light bays
In golden hues
I let corner Of the night
I think of you
And I came down and nothing can
Come between us
No mountain high no Rollin' Sea
I see the love that could have been us
Then fireside dreaming
Carry's you home to me

And if my hopes can not come true
I'll spend each night of my life
In fireside dreams of you

While breezes tall, to every tree
And through my window
Old man moonlight smiles at me
Across the sky, of darkest blue
I lose my sorrow in the flames
And think of you
My foolish heart is sweetly yearning
For how I missed
This world to be
And like a ship that keeps returning
My fireside dreaming carry's you home to me
My fireside dreaming carry's you home to me

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