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​Chain Gang Trouble

This song is by Charley Lincoln and appears on the split compilation album Charley Lincoln & Willie Baker (1927-1930) (1992) by ​Charley Lincoln and ​Willie Baker.

The train run off nine mile from town
And killed little Lula dead

Her head was found in the drivin' wheel
Her body have never been seen

I cried, I moaned, I cried, I moaned
I asked, "How long, how long?"

I asked my captain for the time of day
Say, he throwed his watch away

If I listened at my mother uh, and father, they
I never woulda been here today

If I ever get back home, oh baby, to stay
I never be treated this-a-way

How long, how long, how long, how long
How long 'fore I can go home?

I arrived with the blues and I worked with the blues
Nothin' I can get but bad news