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How Long

This song is by Charles Bradley and appears on the album No Time for Dreaming (2011).

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How long
Must I keep going on?
To see all this pain in the world
How long, oh
Tell me, tell me
Tell me
How long?
Ooh, oh, ow, oh

I talked my brother the other day
He said, "Brother, please, gimme a little fix."
I look at him and said,
"Brother, don't leave me. Don't leave me."

How long?
How long?
How long?
Must you keep suffering like this?

You know how people suffering
They looking for something, something to look up to
They looking for a change

How long?
How long?
How long?
How long?

What I'm gonna do
What I'm gonna say
America, please hear me
Make this world right, ooh people


Written by:

Charles Bradley / Thomas Brenneck / Dave Guy / Leon Michels / Homer Steinweiss

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