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​The World Says

This song is by Chargebox.

I've finally learned to stop believing
All of your useless, moderate speaking
Through all of your stupid aspects
Keep yourself trying to connect
This world to reflect
Way too much to correct this
The ignorant blame, in relation to
Who would think to be someone like you???

(CHORUS:) [I'd run this world down,
Nothing till it's underground
Spit this back at you
Start believing I'm through! ]

Keep hating these words
You know nothing's worse
Then how you identify, with the critics
The media loves this
And so do your fans!

Even though they could show
They could appreciate
You still can't hide or deny
The desire to show your hate
Those people criticized and played the cards
Of rage,

So, disconnect, annihillate,
Right to the next rampage!...,

*Spoken Ending*: Would Be Real Enough,
Would Be Real Enough, To Understand,
How I Feel!?

Caught In A Web Of Chaos,
Spilling Shock And Awe, He Opens Up A World,
Sub-Reality, Something We All Know,
'Can't Stop It Now'...
'Can't Stop It Now'...
'Can't Stop It Now'...
'Can't Stop It Now'...
'Can't Stop It Now'...