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This song is by Chargebox.

(G. Anselmo, 2007 ChargeUp'd Inc.)

Now I hate all disrespect

Fuel the fire and watch the affect

I feel my heart burning inside out

Don't want to know what this is about

Would you like to know my story?

You could start my rampage and learn to worry

Begin to scream, inside, inside

Until true flames burn these hands

Burn through this nightlit air

Straight from these hands

I'm not the scarecrow

Everything you'll want to know

I wait for someone to hear my dreams now

As I burn through this fiery rage...

Some of us are loved more than others

Some are hated more as well

Fists of metal bring something

Strength is only left on scene

My blood is compared to straw

My eyes are becoming fury

My face is compared to cloth

Now my life's a storyline...