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This song is by Chargebox.

You wanted an answer,
Here's a piece of my mind...
Standing away, from you, here's the truth
Standing away, from me,
Here's something to see
Standing away, from it all, here's it all

Breathing thought into my life
You will wonder what I'm like
Yet, as you look at me
I don't want what you give me
You can walk with me, come feel reality!

Stunning spikes through my head
Rage I feel, now is dead
I'm a dragon in danger
Shouting pain instead...

Spitfire targets my mind
Scream damage of all mankind
Makes me consider rebellion!

The world begins to revolt!, (x5)

Provoking me (to revolt),
Provoking me (to revolt),
Providing Confidence,
Provoking me to revolt!,

(Repeat lines)

I don't want what you give me,
Come Feel Reality!