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​Fireman's Carry

This song is by Chargebox.

(G. Anselmo, 2007 ChargeUp'd Inc.)

Welcome friend

Such a turn of events here to show

There's been a long stretched road

Once created by misplaced hope

I'm so proud of what you've become

It was worthwhile to see

Even if you doubt, to overlook yourself

It was well for me to see you

No matter how much we change

We're still the same to these eyes

Now you can finally feel the good in life

Without a soul as cold as mine

There is only one difference I found

I'll still carry myself out

This is a strong fire burning

Waiting to be put down and out

I carried you home

And still lost my way back

All that matters, is your safe

So don't worry about me...

I still have one request you see,

No matter what you come to be

Please take all you are

And still remember me

Please take all you are

And still remember me... me.