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​Eel(S): Outside

This song is by Chargebox.

(G. Anselmo, 2007 ChargeUp'd Inc.)

Sometimes you can't even begin to understand it

It's as shallow as it wants to be

Sometimesthe only thing to do is look right out

And there will never be another thing you will

Feel so different for

Cause the gods see it hide

In the sun and shadows

The content you see for yourself

And you cry to surroundings

Because you just can never see

How different the view

The good gets unforgiven

And you say

If you can look at me

The same you did for them

I would love you just a little more

Slightly better than I did before

Oh god!

Why are you so distant?

Where my voice is muting me

Please be unafraid

I feel so empty, yet so free...