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This song is by Chargebox.

I have seen everything right through these eyes
And I am far from done living
Set me up a drink
And look at the skies
Sometimes I need to free my mind
Right before the stars, they will fly
The charge remains the box
And this is how you live forever

Sometimes you just know life
And the differences are nothing else
And all of this world is alive
Yet, only true life, has a heart

I give you this heart and every bit of my soul
This blood, sweat, and all of my tears
Some portrayal of the final act
Chargebox will always stay intact

If I could give you everything tonight
I'd give you a brand new world
To keep someplace, safe
Someplace, calm
Forever it will stay
Forever it is loved away
(And I would) light, every single shadow tonight
(Cause today) the chargebox lives on!

Chargebox is life!
Live the future; existence is forever!
(*Repeat Till Fading*)

*Spoken Ending*: All True Lives Have Souls,
And With The Souls Come Desires,
In This World, There Is Something,
Something We Call Hope,
And Those Who Carry It,
All Who Believe In It,
Catch The Ability To Fly, Soar,
To The Dreams,...
This My Friends, Is Really Chargebox,
And It Lives, Now.