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This song is by Chargebox.

Flowers in the sun
I lay in the winded grass
Starring at the clouds
Like every day, wishing
I was like them,
Yeah, just to be like them

They're beautiful, standing there,
Not a care in there beautiful world
If only I was lucky as him,
In this moment, here with her,

I'd sigh at the fact, that I would...
I'd rather laugh, than think about me
And all the things, the things I am to be
I do nothing (absolutely nothing)
And where's the pride in that (where?)

I'm a circus freak,
And I know, too much, to show
Maybe someday I'll be like all of you,
And that's just a thought,
Just a thought, for you

And on your bad days, (bad, bad days)
On, those sad days, (oh, the sad days)
You'll think of things to cheer you up
And those things, yes, those things
Are real,
And they are the people just like me
Just exactly like me,
We're real

So, paint your nails, style your hair,
And put on your best dress,
The thoughts of you, are a model picture,
Simply drive them wild and crazy, mad
'Cause ladies, there are guys like me
Who dream of you tonight