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​Bad Blood

This song is by Chargebox.

How far should I travel?
I'm not really sure
I don't even know
Where I'll seem to go

Feel the power, feel the blood
Where does it come from?
In the wounds of danger
This dangerous place that creates
Creates the animal in each of us

It takes our senses
Draws us in
It takes our lifestyle, becomes the sin
It creates, the sharks
Around they spin, and swim
It takes our lives, won't let us win

The people lock my face
Inside my mask
The people lock my body
Inside the cage I rage
The people stab my hands
Till I bleed
All bad blood

Feel the power, feel the blood
Feel the same, without the shame
Feel the power, feel the blood
Just as bad, as this bad blood (x3)

(Repeat lines)