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Dead Or Alive

This song is by Chaotic Alliance and appears on the album A New Breed Of Terror (2004).

There's nowhere to run, there's nowhere to hide
You try to get away but I'm two steps behind
Your breathing gets heavy, you might not survive
This could be the last night of your life
You turn around just to see my face
With a knife at your throat there's no escape
The smile of a killer inn the dead of night
You fight for your life, you fight to survive
Wanted dead, Dead or alive
Your blood will run quick, but your death will be slow
Your screams will be silenced by a deadly blow
This slab of ground will be your resting place
There's no escape, there's no escape
Only at night do my passions come true
On a teenage girl whose easy to subdue
There's no more blood, there's no more fight
A killer slips away out of sight

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