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This song is by Chaotic Alliance and appears on the album A New Breed Of Terror (2004).

The bullshit they feed, the shit you believe
The decision, the voice, protest the choice
The lies and the hate, seem to resonate
Watching as you lose hope in all faith
The war, the disease, the hate the power breeds
The blood has been drawn but you still march on
Hate is the factor you use at all costs
Pushing out love so humanity is lost
Will we still be here
Will we survive, will we survive
What we hate we fear
Will we survive, will we survive
It's armageddon
Nuclear power; the worlds defeat
As bullets the fly, you start to cry
A reality of fate has turned you to hate
The lies have been told now your on your own
Fighting for a cause, a reason unknown
The pain and the cries, fill up in your eyes
The gun in hand falls down in the sand
The shots that you heard, one blew you away
Now you'll never live to see another day
The button is pushed; left cities in the dust
Billions of dead from what the hate has bred
Countries in ashes, people rot in the streets
Pawns sit and watch, as the power competes
Radiation-bombs- death like napalm
There is no one left to cry; a final goodbye
Lies that have been told have left you in deceit
Nuclear power; the worlds defeat

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