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​Falling, Flying

This song is by Chaos In A Terminal.

I'm scared to open my hands to you, to open myself and let it all run out to you. I don't know what's there, but I want it to fill my life and not yours. I'm scared that you will steal my dreams and leave me empty handed, without a life. I've tasted your creation and it's thrown me an obsession that doesn't rest in you. I know I'm about to meet the ground, where I've seen others falling. I'm awake and I'm deciding to step into the hole. I guess I just feel like soaring right now and I'm afraid I'll never have the chance if I leave it to you. that it won't be worth it, whatever you promise to offer me. and now I can't keep my eyes off what I'm making so much more I'm convinced it'll blow my life away.

I know I'm believing in a lie but this is just a reflex that I'm letting take my mind against everything I'm wanting. I can feel you inside, trying to ask you to change my head. I know I can't live without you and that I'm throwing eternity back in your face. I'll let you ask yourself to change my view so I won't love to fall.