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​Throwing Myself To The Lions

This song is by Chaos Con Queso and appears on the album Ghost Town (2007).

All bets are off

You've made me a fool

You are far colder than I ever gave you credit for

All bets are off

You've proven me wrong

You are far colder than I ever gave you credit for

And I guess that I'm impressed

By your lack of self respect

And how you stabbed me in the back

Without any hesitation

And I guess that I regret

Every moment ever spent

I would gladly take them back

Without any hesitation

If I put the gun in your hand

I wouldn't have a chance to tell you to pull the trigger

Before my brains would paint the walls

And my headless form wouldn't hit the floor

Before your tongue was down one throat or another

Don't get me wrong

This wasn't meant to be an attack on your character

But you made the mistake in making me the villain

And in the end

You'll just complain

That all this blood

Is so cliche!

This all is so cliché

Denying truth and hiding pain

Saving face and losing faith

This isn't me

Every story has two sides

But I'm only telling mine

So I guess that makes you right

You'll use this as bragging rights...