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​A King's Tale

This song is by Chaos Con Queso and appears on the album Ghost Town (2007).


Hear it all

Of a tale

Of a man

Of the king

Of his sins

How he lived

How he falls

And on the throne

Where he sits

With his grip

On us all

From the West

To the East

With his teeth

On our feast

And in the kingdom on the fields of the peasants

There were men who worked their fingers to the bone

To feed the king's mass addictions and treasures

But from the dust arose a man, known as Jonas

He said, "Men, be not divided in tongues,"

"This land is ours, we shall not kneel to a master!"

"Do we not sow the same seeds as each other?"

"Then why not eat the grain that's fit for a king?"

But on the throne

The king continued to enjoy all his luxuries

With golden coins slipping through his thick fingertips

His laughter echoing upon the palace walls

"Lock the gates! There's no need for such pestilence!

The people of my rule don't need my attention!

It's time for revel, stand in awe of my majesty!"

Replacing glutton for the needs of the plenty!

Now Jonas had his mob of men

And he said, "Listen now, my brethren!

Because tonight we will fight for our honor!"

We'll kill for our sons and we'll die for our daughters!"

So by god, grab a sword, grab a torch!

Take up arms in this struggle as we fight for justice!

Want to fight for justice


Why delay? Let's not waste our time

For the night is short, and the future is mine!

I mean ours, and the time says His Majesty's reign is up

YES, YES! That His Majesty's reign is up!"

So they stormed with hopes held high

With their swords and their flames to the sky

And they fight with their lives on the line

As they screamed, "LET US IN, LET US IN!"

And now the king who wasn't known for his pleasantries

Rounded the guards and then he ordered the slaughter

"Kill them all, but keep their leader for hostage

For he'll be used as my pawn and example

So at dusk, we'll take the man known as Jonas

And from the gallows he will swing dead in the wind

And make sure the execution is brutal

As an example for all those who oppose me!"

Who... ?


Who opposes me?!


Who opposes me?!


Who opposes me?!

I said, who?

Who opposes me?!


Who opposes me?!

And Jonas walked up the steps quickly

His brow covered in sweat and pride

And in the background he heard

"Kill the king, kill the king!"

And he was met by the king in the most glorious of battles

And with all his might he thrust his sword into the king

And he ascended the steps to the throne

And gently placed the crown on top of his head

And his eyes turned red with greed

And he said

"It's mine...

It's mine...

The throne is mine...

This is land is mine...

These men are mine...

This kingdom's mine..."

"My men who have followed me

Pick up your weapons again

This fight isn't over

He must guard ourselves against the pestilence that still rages outside!

Do not celebrate!

Do not cheer!

For it is I, King Jonas

Lock the gates! Lock the gates!

Rebuild those walls!

There is no need for such pestilence!

There is no need for such pestilence!"