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I Cry To Myself

This song is by Chanté Moore and appears on the album This Moment Is Mine (1999).

Verse 1:
The smile on my face
It shows everyday
So no one evers knows
How I really feel
Am I really happy?
There's things on my mind
I can't talk about it sometimes
Who can I tell what I really feel When I'm feeling sorry

I cry to myself
(I cry to myself)
When no one else is listening
(No one else is listening I)
I cry to myself
( I cry to myself)
Cause no one else is crying for me

Verse 2:
I'll tell you I'm fine.
But deep inside I'm dying
When I am all alone
No one sees when lights go down I-I
I cry everynight suffer inside out
No I can't deny this pain is real
But I keep trying I

I cry to myself
( I cry to myself)
When no one else is listening
(I cry nobody can hear me crying)
I cry to myself
(I cry)
Uh I-I
Cause nobody else is crying for me

Does anybody care how I feel oh
Everyday I'm trying to hide what is real (what's real)
This pain that I have inside of me is tearing my life apart

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