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This song is by Channels and appears on the album Open (2004) and on the album Waiting for the Next End of the World (2006).

This song is featured in the video game Power Gig: Rise Of The SixString.
Kill all the copyrights and loosen my tongue.
I love my friends and all my friends are in love.
I'll say it louder when you think I've said enough.

We're cynical and young and wide-eyed and old.
Anger is easy, everything's over-sold,
Except the only ones who know you and you know...

Drum on the clocks and strum on the wires.
Unlock the box that cages desire.
Call it a jubilee,
It's not make-believe.

Beneath the satellites.
There's still a sign of life.
And we are beautiful tonight.

This fucking century puts bombs in my dreams,
But I wake in the one place I want to be.

Here at the edge of the arising events,
All of the elements are present and tense
In fancy dress and all exploding to express.

Drum on the clocks and strum on the wires
Unlock the box that cages desire
Call it a jubilee
You make me believe
Beneath the satellites
There's still a sign of life
And we are beautiful tonight