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All For One

This song is by Channel Zero and appears on the album Unsafe (1994).

There are times to joke
There are times to be serious
Anytime you might see
You can die for nothing
You could fall alone
Anyone would agree with me
But there's thing
Just like anything
That you need your good friends for
They're always ready
To keep you steady
Through the hard times you might even flow

All for one
One for all

We could rob a bank
And be strong as a tank
As long as we keep it clean
And we'd be fine
Come rain or shine
Try to understand what I mean
You might need someone
Like the day needs sun
Even if it's a son of a bitch
Who you can talk to
Who you can laugh with
Or even a fight could make you rich

Get up, get up, get up and go
Get up, get up, get up and let yourself go

All for one ...
One for all

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