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This song is by Chandelier and appears on the album Facing Gravity (1992).

[Translated: There's a cat on the moon
Hungry - licking her slashed paw
While the memory of a hopeful tune
Prowls around her
Deaf for her call

There's a ship on the ocean
Loaded with confidence and trusts
Dividing the waters titanicly
Laughter on the icebergs
And from the moon]

The sun shines harsh on a withered scene
A mother rocks her bale of bones
Her dying tears overflow my tv screen
But my remote control wipes it clean

The race is on to face its end of time
Just the fate of species once in a while
But when I turn around
And look into their eyes
You smile
You can we smile?

Ref: Itai

Chairmen chat and parsons pray
Singers soil our souls with grease
Investigators invest in real estate
Down at the bay
And the children
They fall silent to their knees

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