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​Knotted Shoelace

This song is by Chancellorpink and appears on the album Valentine Parade (2008).

Ran from the park 'cause I hate the bullies
They want to punch when I just want to please
And I'm here in this hallway, there's blood on my face
You come and help me untie my knotted shoelace

Teacher, would you teach me something today?
Seems that my dreams all got lost on the way
The people I cherish find me a disgrace
I've made every bow in my life a knotted shoelace

Stuck in this traffic jam a million cars long
Over the drone of the radio song
I hear you calling me home
"Come inside, it's supper time"

Brother please
Say something to me
That is real, that I feel
Who's gonna put the smile back on my face?
Yeah, who's gonna get me back into the race?
Who's gonna untie my knotted shoelace?