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​Falling Off This Train (In Chicago)

This song is by Chancellorpink and appears on the album Darkrazor (2007).

The indie girls have poor complexions
But they vote left in the right elections

And although they sometimes spark erections
Only you earn genuflections

Crowded close, standing in the heat
In old chicago, diggin' the beat
I could have sworn this is where we'd meet

But your vampire heart couldn't stand the sun
So I'm watching band of horses run
Alone, into lake michigan

And I couldn't stand through the mountain goats
Cause his words brought mounds of lumps into my throat
And the colors swirling in the bright van gogh
Had me hoping to hop off the speed boat

Standing on this platform lame
You sucked the part of me that wasn't drained
I'm falling off this train

I would've walked the pier with you
I would've shared my beer with you
Oh, why couldn't I be here with you?

In the town where oprah paints her windows black
I'm talkin' windows -- why you talkin' mac?

I'm smushed into some sweaty dame
Who's half my intellect, and you're to blame
I'm falling off this train

And through the 80,000 indie thighs
I wander wanting to see 2 green eyes
Even a hundred dollar pinot noir
Can't drug my heart from wondering where you are

All other girls are plain
You spilled you mind, and, dear, it left a stain
Yes, I still love you, but I've gone insane
I've fallen off this train