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Any Dude's Song

This song is by Chancellorpink and appears on the album Darkrazor (2007).

I sent her a letter that was smart and funny
She said, "that's nice baby, now show me the money"
So I spent lots of cash when I took her out
But she said, "it's what's inside that counts"

I'm just any dude
(She's a clever girl, she's a clever girl)
I'm just any dude
(She's a special girl, a deep and special girl)

So I opened up my heart, yeah I broke out the tissues
Unimpressed, she said, "you've got issues"

I'm just any dude
(She's a pleasant girl, a light and pleasant girl)

I'm just any dude
(She's a quiet girl, she's a quiet girl)

So I laughed and I charmed, acting witty and such
But she just yawned and said, "you talk too much"
She says looks don't matter or expensive toys
But all her ex-lovers look like backstreet boys
Twenty minutes after she said, "let's be friends"
She was dancing in the nude with a loser again

The only way with you is an ugly goodbye

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