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Chill'em All (2004)Edit

Champion - Chill'em All
Chill'em All
  1. Sergio's Trio
  2. No Heaven
  3. NnGg
  4. The Plow
  5. Gore Gore
  6. Die In Peace
  7. Keep On
  8. Tawoumga
  9. Tavern
  10. Two Hoboes
  11. Guy Doune

Resistance (2009)Edit

  1. Clear Beach
  2. Resistance (Skool)
  3. Perfect in Between
  4. Plastiques et métaux
  5. So Big
  6. Backing Off
  7. L6 (The Blooded)
  8. My Black Saab
  9. Sannois Beach
  10. Alive Again
  11. The Monster

Other SongsEdit

  1. Keep On (Champion' Alternate Take)

Additional information

Artist information:


  • aka: DJ Champion
  • Occupation: musician, composer, songwriter, session musician
  • Instruments: electric guitar, bass guitar, music sequencer, drums, sampler
Real name:

Champion is a performance name for Maxime Morin.

Years active:


Related artists:
  • Betty Bonifassi
  • Benoît Charest
Record labels:

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