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​Get 2 Know Ya

This song is by Champ Bailey and appears on the album Bailey (2006).

(Feat. shawn stockman)

Said I wanna get to know ya

I've been all across the states from bay to brooklyn
And the feelin' of somebody girl even though I shouldn't
Is it me or all the damn real ones tookin
My boy tell me to let it come to me stop lookin'
But I couldn't I met a young woman at the malls foot actions
Man look what happened
I told her to fix her blouse it kind of unfassind
She her braided draped in the latest fashion
I said two plus some movie and some really good addin
I subtract hittin the club john mad for you
She started laughin' said it was a slick one
Thought it was in her bag she hit me with a quick one
But you guessed I gotta man
But I can see it in her eyes that she needed a friend
Sick of the same route need a corner to bend
So I no a spot she could position me

Well got damn if you got a man let me be ya friend (let me be a friend)
I jus wanna know ya (said iii)
Let me get to know ya
Well got damn if you got a man baby I understand let me get to show ya
Need someone to hold ya
I wanna get to know ya

I had a crush on this girl that I had a little thing 'bout the first breezy that I had a wet dream bout
Grew up together but I neva made a move
Cause her time couldn't improve me and the other dude I knew everything about her how she listened to quinn and you dove soap for her sensitive skin
Back then I had a fade and a o.g. swirl
A rhymestone visor but I needed a girl
Time went by fast she moved in 99
Moved outta my sight but not outta my mind
She came back fine doin' graphic design
I figured she had a man but she said she left him behind
I told her how I felt (niggah I spoke up)
She replied I'm down but my man would go nuts
I had to grit my teeth 'cause I almost choked up
I handed baby my number and said so what

Said he kant do you better than me [x2]
No no no no no no
Oh yeah yeah ooh ooh