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This song is by Chamillionaire.

(Feat. Rasaq)

(Intro: Rasaq)
Yeah, it's color changin click
We in here foreva baby
Chamillionaire, It's Rasaq boi

(Hook: Rasaq)
It's color change when we comin' and we make it bump
It's color change when we comin' 'cause we raise the trunk
It's color change when we comin' 'cause we make it krunk
It's color change when we comin' 'cause we breakin chumps
5th wheel open up my nigga make it jump
Put ya hands on ya knees baby shake ya rump
Put that money in ya pocket nigga make a lump
Break a bottle on his head till it make it bump

Your boys in ya squad, I don't bar none of them
I don't care if you rollin' with a hundred men
No respect to none of them
I'll bring it to any one of them
And if y'all hull me niggas know I'll come again
You ain't rollin' like a real nigga supposed to
I see the fraud in ya soul in finna expose u (hoe ass nigga)
King of the streets, I'm a dethrown u
All the thugs chose me, the lil gurls chose u
You done did it, u bumpin but you was timid
You nothin' you is a gimmick
I see you I'm comin' with it
On 20's and somethin' kidded
Lil bumper and windows tinted
You pushin me to the limit
I'm leavin' with somethin' dented
I'm jumpin' in somethin' rented
You suck and you fuckin' finished
U bustas ain't fuckin' with us
I'm crushin your every sentence
All you do is scream your name through your ad-libs (who? Dyke Jones)
Nigga we the hardest, your ass is average
Shit we go harder than some calluses
Don't make me laugh, how yo ass gonna come back from this (You can't)
I'll wreck yo ass like an accident
Ice out the chain and show niggas that we stackin it
Nobody jackin it, come through I'll be packin it
I get a thrill just to see a nigga slap from it
No love for you niggas I'm unpassionate
When I come to the swishahouse nigga I'm smashin it
Step in the door, ain't nobody smokin' grass in it
All the real niggas left, I wonder what happened kid
Show respect to the boys before u
Without them nigga, it would be no u
Fasho dude u a hoe dude

Chamillitary Mayne

It's Rasaq Boi

Gimmick ass rappers don't deserve to breathe I know that Texas down to ride for me
Gimmick ass rappers don't deserve to breathe cause Mississippi down to ride for me
Gimmick ass rappers don't deserve to breathe I know that Georgia down to ride for me
Gimmick ass rappers don't deserve to breathe I know Ohio down to ride for me

Chubby ass, pudgy ass, cover ya face with a skully mask
Hatin' on ya click, dummy ass, shrek look alike, ugly ass
"Koopa what should I do cause Watts really ain't payin' me no money" ass
Signed a weak ass contract but you pretend everything sunny ass nigga
Foolishness will stop, tell the public what you got
They seen ya DVD so obviously it's not alot
Hipnotic? 20 dollars in the studio that you lied about
Show money gotta split ya money with T.Farris and Michael Watts
You can't afford to charge less 'cause then you realize
You wouldn't have nothin' left so you can stop the feedin lies
Dyke don't want it with us and his yes men don't want it eithaguys
He was dissin Magno like he ain't wanna see his people rise
Said he was lazy, he's a loser, wasn't gettin' cash at all
He was doin' shows and he said that Mag was playin' basketball
Said they was ready to go but Magno wouldn't answer cause
Found out that was a lie, u don't believe me go and ask him y'all
Where he at? Pissin in his white diaper bag
When I write light ya ass up if ya like Mike ya mad
Tryna make a comeback betta wave a white typa flag
Any nigga that listen to him are like Mike a fag
He was whinin after the show 6 months ago in Dallas
Tuck ya panties in you're a long way from Wonderland, Alice
U don't want no Cham challenge
U don't wanna see Cham mad as he can get
'Cause he's legit and he will cush ya damn talent
I sold 40,000 mixtape messiah's in one month
At 11 dollars a CD, how much dat is?
It's one hunch, it's too much
Got a suburban and an excursion, it's too much
Ninja bike with the rims twirlin, it's too much
My impala got 'em hurtin', it's too much
Pussy niggas gettin' crushed for real, virgin

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