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Something Like A Pimp

This song is by Chamillionaire and appears on the album Man On Fire (2005).

-Hook- Cham
Man I'm something like a pimp (like a pimp), 'Cause she's thinkin' 'bout me while she wit him (while she wit him), Man I'm something like a pimp (like a pimp), Bet you I could pull her on a first attempt, Say she wanna bring some friends (bring some friends then), Work it out like you in a gym (work it out), Man I'm something like a pimp (like a pimp), The stops in our relationship will end.

I'm watchin' a flick wit her,
Tryin' to get her to rewind,
I'm serious bout my pimpin',
Tryin' to get up in her mind,
Her face look kinda fine,
But she look better from behind,
Would of told her to turn around,
But instead its nevermind,
I need a dime,
Ain't look for no nine, or no eight,
And that red lobster got your dirty mind thinkin' wait,
Who he fuck paid to fill up your plate,
Just for this time to be great,
But I'm interupting your thought 'cause I don't buy a whole new state,
If it is a plate ain't gon be not steak or shrimp inside it,
Should have seen it, soon as you seen me Baby,
Use your logic,
If you wanna know what the answer is, then you will find it,
Use your mind and you gon be fine,
Try to dry your eyelids,
Mr. King Koopa, you must of got him
Confused wit them other dudes,
Accuse me, I'm not them, I'm not him, I'm not him,
Houston has a problem,
We can do what you wanna do wit all my niggaz watchin'.

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