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Flow (Never Scared)

This song is by Chamillionaire and appears on the compilation album Greatest Hits (2003) and on the album Southern Royalty (2009).

Naw, they don't what to see cham come with the hand gun
And then hand one to the damn young, Ro no, you probly want anotha chance huh. but eet wrong, how many boys can compet wit koppa, eet none
If you look for a raw nigga to pic you stats name I'm the man son
So atttion. chamilatary the major sayin' then change the name to major payne
April 22nd ima drop and get the major payne, think I'm playin' the underground is the resond they don't stand, maybe 'cause universal, sony and def jam don't jam broham get with the program???? we don't get you in the street we get you in the club like a ristband. Gay Ray J, B2K, Puffy video
Dancen rangle waren ass, still livin' at home wit yo parent ass, nigga wat the you think you stairin at. I'm a call, leave a message and hang up thugs, ok ok you got me pick up the phone, don't press redial and I'll stop rappin' to. and all my internet thugs want to kill me for slugs, a ok ok, don't right click on the trigga nigga I'm sorry put the mouse pad away
?????????????????? Mo gorillas then he known. Ro, 50/50 and Lew, ain't now wind but the tree blown

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