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The South Has Spoiled Me

This song is by Chamberlain and appears on the album Fate's Got a Driver (1996).

Three down, five more to go
It ain't like they don't know, I want 'em to get their things and go
I'm sick of all these people that can't speak to me, unless they've found something to drink
Cold cup of coffee is on the windowpane, where it's been since you left yesterday
Next thing I knew I was under you, with your worn out shoes next to my boots.

Maybe we no longer know who we're supposed to be
Feelings aren't cheap around here
Somehow everyone finds 'em for free

Trains loaded with slow as much as coal, haul the mile home
While you two spoke
And I dunno who you are anymore, what y'all want, what you're lookin' for.

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