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The Lady Of The Isle

This song is by Chamber - L'Orchestre de Chambre Noir and appears on the album Transitions (2007).

Springtime shines,
The dawn of love,
From shores to lands
And mountains, high above.
Bride and bride groom
For a moment in time
Complete, united,
In a summer night's dream.
In his prime,
He had to go,
Leave the grapes of love behind,
Leave The Lady Of The Isle

Now summertime has gone,
Fading leafs in a golden dawn.
And a slight breeze, moves the sea.
The soothing breath of life.
And there she stands, awaiting,
For her true love to return,
Heaven, earth, sea and sun to beguile
The Lady Of The Isle

Proud, bright and brave,
Like a shining tower of strength.
In every burden, she's our light in the misty, dark veil.
The Lady Of The Isle

Now that summertime has gone,
And autumn leaves in a golden dawn.
She's at the gates,
Breathing sanguine, free, with a smile
The Lady Of The Isle

Now that the eve of life has come,
In wisdom, strength, the endowment of love,
She'll walk down a shining aisle
The Lady Of The Isle
The Grand Lady Of The Isle

Music: Thomas Schmitt-Zijnen
Words: Marcus Testory
Arrangement: Thomas Schmitt-Zijnen

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