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Ghetto Story (Remix)

This song is by Cham.

(Feat. Alicia Keys and Akon)

(Alicia Keys, Baby Cham)
Here's my, ghetto story (*Story)
Been in hell through the fire, now, gonna take it higher ...
See I was born poor like many men who didn't have notin
Came to America trying to make sometin' outta sometin'
See we Africans we love huntin'
Found my way up to da top like it wasn't nothing
And hooked up wit some Puerto Ricans up in Jersey
We use to be call laa baw and pot see
Had a lot after sometin after union city
In a couple of projects in NYC

I remember those days when Hell was my home
When Me and Mama bed was a big piece a foam
An mi never like bathe and my hair never comb
When Mama gone a work me go street go roam
I remember when Danny dem tek me snow cone
An mek him likkle bredda dem kick up Jerome
I remember when we visit dem wid pure big stone
An the boy Danny pop out something weh full chrome

But dats no betta than to play around me
And knew I kept the AK displayed around me
And I moved out to da eight to find more cheese
And I found out Cars make more dan Weeed

I remember when we run, Fatta get him knee blown
An mi best friend Richie get, two inna him dome
I remember so the avenue tun inna warzone
An, Mickey madda fly him out, cau she get a loan
(Whatt) But, Mickey go to foreign and go tun Al Capone
Mek whole heap a money and sen in our own
Now a we a lock the city and, that is well known
Yesterday Mickey call me pan mi phone
Mi say Mickey...
Wi get di ting dem
Dem outta luck now
Mi squeeze seven and the whole a dem a duck now (This a Survial Story)
Wi have whole heap a extra clip cau we nuh bruk now (True Ghetto Story)
Rah... Rah... Rah... Rah
(Alicia Keys)
We got the kingdom so we have to make way
We take it from the bottom to the top baby
And now the whole community can live greatly
(Rah... Rah... Rah... Rah)
(Alicia Keys)
I remember those days when, we was dead broke
And, I could barely find a, dollar for a token
Hop in the train just to get where I'm goin'
Po Po's after me I'm runnin' like I'm smokin'
Remember those days when I went to bed hungry
All I ever ate was white rice and honey
Big dreams in my head empty my tummy
Might crack a smile but ain't nothin' funny
I remember playin' over needles in the street
Everywhere I go and there was some part of me
Thirteen thirteen was, hookers and hoes
On 11th avenue sellin bodies for dope (Whoa)
Remember cryin sayin' that will never be me
Gonna make it someday gotta be somebody
Say, mommy don't worry it's just you and me
But, one day we will get out of this misery (Hey!)

I remember bout '80, Jamaica explode
When a Trinity and Tony Hewitt dem a run road
That a long before Laing dem and even Bigga Ford
When Adams dem a Corporal nuh know the road code
I remember when we rob the chiney shop down the road
An rumour have it sey the chiney man have a sword
But we did have a one pop wey make outta board
So you know the next day mama pot Overlooaad

How could that beeeee
Shop shops in the city call me the relieve
Never thought of fleeee
Some hotter po po styll caught up wit mee
But then I got locked up
Then while I was boxed out
Broke us some locked out
Then they let me out but
Two Years later my brother skrew got shot up
And got the whole block royal like now wat


Jamaica get screw, tru greed an glutton
Politics manipulate and press yutes button
But we rich now, so dem caan tell man notin
'Cause a we a mek Mama a nyaam Fish an Mutton... Eh
Ova dehso mek mi tell unnu some'in...
Tru mi dey a foreign now a guy kill me cousin
An mi here sey TD deh dey but him sey he wasn't
Anytime mi fly down him a get bout dozen... Cause...

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