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​What It Takes

This song is by Chalie Boy.

(Chalie: talking)
I'm still the same nigga
And I still ain't, ain't scared to do shit

I ain't ashamed girl
Imma do what it takes to make you holla
What it takes to make you holla and scream [x2]

I got it if you want some drank
I got it if you want some dro
Don't worry 'bout the pre-game warm up I can't wait to see that frame outta them clothes
Your body is my playground
Imma freak you up and down
Make you feel the way you say you wanna feel

Are you the type that wants a man to take charge
Hit it until you breathless bust and still stay hard
Are you the type that want a man to pull your hair make you scream folks in the other room you don't even care
Are you the type of woman that likes to explore from the kitchen to the bed to the shower much more, imma have you all scrumbling down when I kiss it and make that grumbling sound

Its early in the night
Imma treat you right
Using all of my might
You scratching holdin' me tight
Imma hold you kiss you and bite
Use berries, creams, and ice
Pull out the cups to add spice
Imma do whatever you like

(Chorus out)