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​Bumpa Grill

This song is by Chalie Boy.

This for them fordsmobile buicks and them chevys cadillacs 24 inches hight slidin on pharelly candy coded gloss had bad know it scrape tha belly beat in tha trunk turnin' buildins into confetti country gramma like nelly we spake wit a draw but slowa sumthin in our slabs we creep and we crawl hit a button and you know tha roof and screen fall jamin screwed up tilla though we ain't too tired to ball roof and candy coded caprees flippin like I'm da law see dat sir on that bop got enough not to pop it off o akats tellin' me chalie you need to knock it off I just did liqour gidsy I'm bout to pop tha brough I'm from them dirty third were we keepin' it raw yo slab up against ours you think that you beatin' us (naw) reap up yo rocka slabs down in da south be nasty y'all think that is sumthin just wait till we pull out them classic cars candy paint drip like it was fresh out of molasses jar futuristic got costimization is way past us all mane

I got my mind on forum but I'm swangin the bumpa grill [x13]

Ain't no need in askin boy yes I'm a winner rollin' on 24s wit vvs and a spinner leather seats and my name and dimonds rest in tha center and tha only time this whip gettin' caressed is in tha winter neva a beginer I'm an iced-out champ lift tha braclet on my wrist and catch an iced-out cramp I'm a dogg and my whoffers barkin nothin' but freeon 'cause its powered by an iced-out amp.