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The Planet Is Dead

This song is by Chakal and appears on the album Abominable Anno Domini (1987).

(Solo: mark - pepeu - mark)

Dirty politicians spewing lies
Suits and ties-dummy disguises
Growing fat with the hunger-breathing lust
Bastards governors of the world
The planet is dead
Abusing on power-the sky is the limit
Tyrants of the world-full of tricks
Playing with nations-pretending to be god
The planet is dead
We dying in planet death!
We are dead soldiers
Unfair patriotism that kill us on the war!
We are slaves of ourselves
Stupid militaries whipping our backs!

(Solo: pepeu - mark)

Borders to separate us from other nations
Religions to restrict the thoughts of the simpletons
Loathsome racists dividing the races
Different languages to make communication difficult
We dying in planet death!

The dead soldiers: gilberto, korg, wiz, mark,
Destroyer, laranja, pepeu e gauguim

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