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This song is by Chakal and appears on the album The Man Is His Own Jackal (1990).

You were born to be programmed
System wants you just
On the procedures they adjust
Reprogram yourself

If not U: = "Excellent"
Then UR: = "Pattern"
Else begin
UR: = "Under control";
U: = "...Just a prowl"

Why don't you leave the rails?
Have you ever thought on that?
Why don't you get out of this shell?
Have you ever fought for that?

If not UR: = "Pattern"
Then do not stay where you are
If you do not want to load
Those ridiculous speeches... again
AGAIN... End;

Are you real?
Maybe UR: = "...Just a hologram"
Input: Variable changing;
Gosub another else place

Main program says: "Love Justice";
All this false Madam does is betraying
Betrayal with the men on boots 'n' uniforms
Program error: New lover: ANARCHY!

Loop, Edit new file: Name: HOLOBYTE
If you've saved your old program,
Purge it and do not, do not restore it

Are you real? Maybe you're Boolean
Are you real? Maybe you're just a

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