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Abominable Anno Domini (1987)Edit

Chakal - Abominable Anno Domini
Abominable Anno Domini
  1. May Not The Mankind Suffer
  2. The Planet Is Dead
  3. Terminal Brain
  4. Children Of The Cemetery
  5. Jason Lives
  6. Warriors Of Disgrace
  7. The Dead Walk
  8. Children Sacrifice
  9. Mr. Jesus Christ

The Man Is His Own Jackal (1990)Edit

Chakal - The Man Is His Own Jackal
The Man Is His Own Jackal
  1. Feel No Pain
  2. Silence N' Peace
  3. Acme Dead End Road
  4. Holobyte
  5. Hangover
  6. Santa Claus Has Got Skin Cancer
  7. In Vain
  8. S.S.C. 333
  9. Synthetic Tears

Death Is a Lonely Business (1993)Edit

Chakal - Death Is a Lonely Business
Death Is a Lonely Business
  1. Before It's Too Late
  2. Mind Cries, Body Dies
  3. Panic In The Fast Food
  4. Fear Of Death
  5. Beholder
  6. A Certain Afternoon Havin' Strawberry Jelly On Mars Watching The Dick Birds Fly South
  7. Choked
  8. Useless Denial To Hear

Deadland (2003)Edit

Chakal - Deadland
  1. Deadland
  2. Amputation Prayer
  3. Communication Room
  4. Call Of The Undead
  5. Lazarus Waltz
  6. Liar (Safe Place)
  7. The Scape
  8. Flying To The Empty
  9. Fade Out

Demon King (2004)Edit

Chakal - Demon King
Demon King
  1. Morlocks Will Rise!
  2. Demon King!
  3. Christ In Hell
  4. Mirror-Made Tricks
  5. Evil Dead
  6. War Drums
  7. Flowers On Your Grave
  8. Human Remains Banquet
  9. Psycho
  10. The Masque Of The Red Death
  11. Mastered Dogs

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