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​Flame On

This song is by Chainsaws And Children and appears on the compilation Coldwave Breaks II (1997) and on the album .Daca. (2000).

Why must it always be this way
Turn around turn around you're on display
Violate me break me in every way
Open up open up what can I say
Deep inside you see my flaws
Turn it up turn it up what is the cause
Smothered by emotion it draws
Take it down take it down: chainsaws

I can't hide from your eyes
Close it up close it up with the dark lies
Up so high you think you are so wise
Stop it now stop it paralyze
I press down and you fall right in
Never know it never know it never know my sin
Feel the rage down from within
Can you feel it can you feel it: children

You suffocate me and I drown
Bring me up bring me up I'm coming down
Try to move but my limbs are bound
Fall apart fall apart I come unwound
Why won't you tell me what's going on
Tie me up tie me up you think you've won
Had me once but now I am gone
Light it up light it up: flame on