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​Tv Programming

This song is by Chainsaw Little Kids.

In the warmth of the TV light
You waste your day and fill your night
With programs made to entertain
Destroy your body - rot your brain
Gaze into your TV set
Substance lost in the silhouette
Projected shadows on the wall
Your feelings die, your body falls
Chorus- And all the life that you have left
Stolen by domestic theft
Nothing lies beyond the screen
The world around remains unseen

Post-Chorus- Can you see the life inside you fighting to be free
Or is it just the images projected on the screen?
You live your life, you live the lies - they've put it in your head
Destroying minds, corrupting life till everything is dead

Life holds no more deadly threats
When you sit and watch your TV set
The world goes on without you
'Cause you've got better things to do
You sit, and watch, and you obey
Life passes by another day
You're missing out and falling in
Dependence settles deep within
Chorus / Post-Chorus

Outro- As you feel the sweet embrace
Your mind and body lose their place
And to the screen you look into
You let the TV program you