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​In The Name Of God

This song is by Chainsaw Little Kids.

I'm sick and tired of your religious wars
How much more blood must splatter the floor
Use your cross to puncture your enemies lung
Use your holy right to hang anothers young
Follow gods path to retrieve your holy land
Murder and destroy on the lords command

Kill in the name of god
Kill in the name of god
Kill in the name of god
Millions dead in the name of god!

Catholic child wanders into a protistan town
Beaten to death while being hunted down
This murder isn't right, it's not justified
This pointless killing has spread worldwide
God has killed more than any single nation
And now its hell on earth, an eternal damnation

Bridge- Heavens bullets make their mark
Spread your message by force
Thou shall not kill can be ignored
When god is at the source

Is it really your decision when the gun is in your hand
Is it really your choice to protect the holy land
Can you purify the world when the world is fucking dead
Who needs all the answers when you have god instead

Raise your guns - Suicide
Kill yourself - Be with god