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Fuck Censorship

This song is by Chainsaw Little Kids.

White collar ignorants have put it on display
All the things they have deemed acceptable to say
And as they rule our lives they blind us from the truth
This censorship-democracy is fucking me and you

Muting our voice and blinding our eyes
Will not make us change we will not compromise
This is our lives the freedom that we seek
Fuck the censorship let us fucking speak

Chorus- Censorship is just another hoax
Freedom of speech has become a fucking joke
Living our lives wasting our days
Being told what to do being told what to say

We fight for the day that we'll finally be heard
But what'll be the profit if they censor every word
Where is the freedom in having to abide
By the governmental laws that force us to confide

Where is the truth in your 1st Amendment Right
Yer bill of proposition has been written outta spite
I don't see the service in your autocratic role
If our words and our actions are under your control

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