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​Bastard Savior

This song is by Chainsaw Little Kids.

Chorus-They said we were just bastards
They said that we were absurd
But it turned out that were the cure
We 're the worlds Bastard Savior

They labeled us as the bastard son of rock and roll
But they had no idea of our fight against control
We were seen as a couple of futile misfits
Just creating useless racket on our instruments

But they were wrong!

We have a much deeper meaning to our melody
True and raw emotion entangled with a plea
Searching for a better life for me and you
Getting back the freedom that is well overdue

There's more to the songs!

They wanted us to be good little girls and boys
They didn't like us making our ear cracking noise
But how could they expect the same old garbage
With our revolutionary and defiant message

We'll make a difference!

They did not expect us to stand up and resist
But we have problems to fight, there's plenty that exist
No one ever saw us actually doing good
But we are something that they never understood

We will advance!

There's more to the songs
Well make a difference
We will advance
Because we are the world's bastard savior