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Missing Link

This song is by Chain and appears on the album Reconstruct (2003).

There's no need to argue
'Cause it's all fixed in science
Ingenius people wrecked their minds
To give eyesight to the blind

Why worry about solutions
Cause everything is fixed
Don't you fill me with confusion
You quiet hypocrites

I've got science on my side
And science is reality
There's no end in sight
We are growing constantly

Look for the truth
It's so much closer than you think
We're no final form
We're the missing link

There's no use to argue now
I will rely on all my books
And even if we found it
I doubt that anyone would look

We've learned to use a tool
We've learned stand
I'm staring at myself
I see an upright man

Use a tool - make a stand - hypocrite - apeman

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