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I Need Somebody

This song is by Chagall Guevara and appears on the album Chagall Guevara (1991).

Creep Quasimodo
Yeah, I am an ivory target
Sure, I'll play the part
Born with the face of an old DeSota

If misery loves more, then why am I crying alone?
I'd make a bore if there was someone to practice it on

I need somebody
I'm on the outside looking in
I need somebody
I cannot face my face again

Genetic drifter quarrantined in my own dimension
"Hey look!
It smokes!
It drinks!
It philosophizes!
It's loving this new attention"

We apologize, but the status quota's already met
If you reapply, you'll need a written excuse from your vet

I need somebody
I'm on the outside looking through
I need somebody
I never wanted this tattoo

She gave me water
She gave me her books to carry
Then the dream was gone
I'm back in my sanctuary

Nothing to confess, but I've got scars deeper than your minds
Nothing to declare but my love for all of mankind

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