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Why Should I Care?

This song is by Chad & Jeremy and appears on the album Before And After (1965).

Why should I care?
Worry about you the way that I do?
It's only fair
You're breaking my heart and you're making me blue
And I thought that we could be happy
But now, can't you see I'm so sad

Why should I care?
You never call me, so what can I do?
It's so unfair
Your line's always busy, I never get through
And I thought that you would be sorry
You're so cruel to me, it's too bad

Let me be, just leave me alone
I'll live my life without you
Can't you see that the good times have gone
Everybody knows about you
The way you treated me bad, oh yeah
You're making me sad, oh yeah
You treated me bad

Why should I care?
Now that I'm going with somebody new
It's only fair
You'll always hurt me, whatever you do
So I'll leave you here and not worry
Yes, I'll leave you now and I'll be glad

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