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I Can't Talk To You

This song is by Chad & Jeremy.

I can bring tears to the eyes of the rain
I can fly free through the skies of my brain
I can sing songs to the ears of the wind
Laugh at the dizzy green world while it spins
I walk through the morning and cry like the dew
'Cause I can't talk to you

I can walk miles down a rain dampened road
My feelings expand till my nerve ends explode
Melodies swing from the birds in the tree
I can't help but feel that they're singing to me
My sorrow drops down the the soles of my shoes
"'Cause I can't talk to you

My dreams in the night funnel up toward the moon
My carnival soul is a bright red balloon
My words rush like rivers and flow to my head
But they'll dry on the banks and they'll never be said
The dry river bed makes me know that it's true
'Cause I can't talk to you

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