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This song is by Cesium 137 and appears on the album Elemental (2004).

Frozen in time
A second infinity
The mind is alive
Warmed by memory
A pain that reaches deep
This wound no one must see
Moments we have lost
Silence at what cost

In dreams I followed you
Through a forest where darkness grew
Seconds carried the weight of days
Lost in the haze
Green surroundings now
Still I must shout out loud
To save this day
From our own mistakes

A shade of what I was to be
A future that we failed to see
You know that I can't change the past
You know that this was meant to last

In another world
A moment of endless time
We waste in wanting
Too lost to go blind
As you've forsaken me
As you draw your crowd
Know that I won't flee
They could never hold me down

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