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This song is by Certainly, Sir.

You'll know I'm gone when it gets here.
You'll get that ringing in your ear.
You'll run through ribbons
Writing every detail down.
You'll forget this all within a year.
Don't dream of water or of snow,
Don't dream of people you don't know.
Some things are built to last,
And after lasting leave.
Practice saying H E L L O.

No sweat girl, I checked we're still alive.
Forever living.
What's your hurry boy?
This place is null and void.
Forever leaving.
I'm giving up my speaking part.
I got an incomplete in art.
I raise the flaps, I unfold all the maps.
I am putting postage on my heart.
You'll know I'm gone when it gets here:
That space that makes the air so clear.
You'll know it's me
That you'll no longer see.
Practice saying "mind if I sit here?"

Logic says I was right to have left.
Forever leaving.
I'd say come with me
But you're so absentee.
Forever out of here.

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